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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Analysis- Album Art- The Prodigy- 2

This album art is similar to their other album art.  Their use of black and white highlights the different areas on the album cover.

Such as the black and white around the bold prodigy text at the top of the album cover.

The image of the man screaming again like the other album cover could be a code for their style of music, and how the lyrics are very in your face and explicit.

The image of the mans face is behind what looks like a cloth.  This could be a code for the artist maybe feel trapped or the situation he is in he feels trapped.  The image also looks like it could be done in concrete as this also is code for being trapped as concrete doesn't move.

The caption underneath the face suggests that the audience/ target audience age group is a generation who are callous and who are quick on their feet at making decisions.  They are a generation who don't take no for an answer and want to speak out against the authority, as the imagery is showing in this album art.

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