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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Analysis- Album Art- The Prodigy

This album art matches the name of the album.  The imagery of the two 'warriors'. I feel the image shows them actually fighting as if the 'warriors dance' is actually a name given for the war they have.  This is like their music, as their music iv very loud and is a very in your face genre of music.

The colours use din this album art makes it stand out. In particular it makes the words stand out more as they are in a bright red and the rest is in a black and white effect.

The images of the men and the writing is very electronic and sharp looking.  This could suggest the style of music and the editing they do in their music as a band.

The red could be a code for blood.  this could suggest maybe extremist lyrics or lyrics that maybe would make your 'ears bleed'.

However looking at the actual band name this is still in white which means the band name is not as important to stand out as the album name.

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